Guide to Macrodosing LSD


A little preparation goes a long way with LSD.

LSD is powerful. It has the power to permanently change your viewpoint, reveal your innermost wisdom, and impact the trajectory of your life.
However, taking a full dose of LSD is a serious endeavour. It’s a commitment that necessitates planning. You should approach LSD with caution and respect, equal parts scepticism and interest, as you would anything this powerful.
We’ve put up this macrodosing LSD tutorial for that reason. Take these actions the next time you take acid to reduce hazards and increase enjoyment.

Micro Vs. Macro

When macrodosing LSD, the initial concern for many people is whether to take the recommended dose in its whole or a smaller amount. Should you take a macrodose or a microdose, in other words? The response differs from person to person and is based on your search criteria.
LSD microdosing has been extremely popular recently, and for good reason. The anecdotal and clinical results are difficult to contest. Some people find it adequate to choose between macro and micro. But many people, at various times and for various purposes, favour a combination of both.
Macrodosing offers short-term immersion, a head-first dive into the deep end with the intention of emerging with fresh knowledge and understanding of yourself and your life, in contrast to microdosing, which creates subtle, long-lasting benefits over time. While microdosing can increase your energy, creativity, and empathy, it probably won’t result in the profound insights that a full dose would.
Each strategy has its own advantages, yet neither is greater because they are each different tools for various jobs. Your aims will determine whether you select one, the other, or a combination of the two.
If you’re interested in microdosing, we have a guide for that, too.

Prep & Plan

You should first decide if and why you wish to start using LSD.
Many people can benefit from LSD, but not everyone can. Before using it, anyone taking SSRIs or other antipsychotic drugs should talk to their doctor.
Otherwise, consider what you’re looking for. Are you attempting to resolve a challenging problem or question in your life? Trying to learn more about your inner self? Want to feel more a part of your surroundings? Just looking for a good time with friends?
These and many other uses for LSD exist. Establishing your motivation first can help you decide on crucial elements like how much, where, and with whom you’ll take.

calculating your dose

When it comes to LSD, the doses are measured in micrograms, or millionths of a gram. Generally speaking, a full dose is anything between 100μg and 200μg. Depending on your body type, level of experience, LSD tolerance, and desired trip, you’ll fall anywhere around that range.
It is advised to start low and slow with a dose of 100μg if it is your first time.
After one or two trips at that dosage, you can start to increase it if you’d like. However, it’s better to start small for beginners than big. After waiting two hours, you can take more if you discover that your dose is too low to produce the desired effects.

How to take your LSD

blotter tab use
For blotter tabs, you place a paper tab beneath your tongue to consume the acid. For 15 minutes to ensure complete absorption, most experts advise keeping the tab on or under your tongue. However, if you simply swallow the paper, it can take a little while longer for you to feel the effects of getting high.
LSD taken as a liquid
One drop of liquid acid has 100μg  of dosage. Drop your dose with the dropper onto a spoon, sugar cube, the top of your hand, or any suitable surface, and then eat it. In the event that you unintentionally drop more than one drop, avoid dropping it directly into your mouth.
consuming edible LSD
You can chew and swallow our LSD edible goods, or you can dissolve them on your tongue. A 100μg dosage is provided by each mint.
While most individuals experience the effects of acid between 45 and an hour after intake, some people may experience them as soon as 10 minutes afterwards. We advise delaying further consumption for two hours because it may also be delayed.
When should I take LSD?
LSD trips typically last 8 to 12 hours, although they can last longer. By taking your dose early in the day, you’ll get the most out of your trip and have little effect on your sleep that night.

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